Company Values

Beacon was founded on a set of principles that have guided our business practices and growth philosophy for nearly 100 years. 

Through explosive growth, rapid geographic expansion, and acquisition of building supply brands throughout the United States and Canada, we have sustained a corporate culture dedicated to core personal and business values. This has helped us to maintain a happy, motivated workforce and build long-term relationships with our construction and building supply customers 

Strong Core Values 

We believe that businesses succeed when they have a great product, a dedicated workforce, and strong core values that guide leadership decisions. Beacon embodies these values through: 

  • A Strong Work Ethic that overcomes adversity and setbacks to achieve exceptional results 
  • Passion for the Work we do and the people we engage with every day 
  • Commitment to Deliver on our promises as a credible partner in contractor success 
  • Working Together as a Team to tackle big challenges in the building supplies industry 
  • A Desire to Do Things Right and make decisions knowing all of the facts first  

Foundations of Success 

We have built a successful company by staying true to the principles that guided our founders. Through honesty and integrity in what we do and how we do it, we remain loyal to one another, our company, and our customers. This carries through in our compassionate approach to business and community and a strong sense of morality in how we deal with customers, vendors, employees, and business partners every day.